Born in Miami, Florida, my first job as a teenager was with a major marketing firm where I spent a lot of time with questionnaire development and product focus groups. At a very early age, I became aware on how people perceive things of interest.

My artistic background goes back to birth, I have been creating, sculpting, and drawing since I can remember. I moved into the digital realm of design back in 1990, but still continue to illustrate on paper. Now, with over 30 years of experience behind me, I have worked on everything from comic book illustrations and sculpting to photography and corporate event designs.

In more recent years I have worked on event designs for numerous races around the Tampa Bay area including St. Anthony's Triathlon, Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot, Sunsets at Pier 60 Beach Series, and many others. In addition to the actual designs for the specific races, I have also worked on some of the credentials, awards, and course/venue maps that coincide with these events.

My experience also extends into the marketing/Promotional Products industry, working with product design and layout for over a decade. In creating corporate identities, I use this experience to keep in mind all possible applications to ensure corporate branding is always maximized.

I'm also a color separator with over 10 years experience in separating complex designs for dark and light applications using simulated spot colors.

Thanks for your time and feel free to contact me with any of your design needs.